Welcome to Mdwoodcrafts, my interest in wood working started back in 1985 when I was
assigned to RAF Mildenhall, England. I purchased a magazine that had plans for a 18th Century cradle and thought this would be a great project to attempt after I was told I was going to be a Dad. That was in 1985 and I have continued to grow everyday, I started with the cradle and continued to make different projects that would compliment a small household. As the years would pass I participated in Crafts Shows and Bazaars creating such items as Country Style shelves, tables, mirrors, knick knacks, outdoor furniture and more. Flash forward to 2016, we provide Military Flag cases, Shadow Boxes, Awards Plaques, Memorial Plaques, Military Retirement Gifts, Custom Woodwork, Laser engraving and more. Our goal is provide you quality woodwork at reasonable prices.